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I was really confused with so many certifications available these days for Scrum. Finally, with some research and views of others available online I decided to go for certification over ScrumAlliance.

Finally, I am PSM certified and scored 95% with just 5 days of preparation.

  1. Scrum Guide 2020 — Understand word by word. Don’t just READ, Understand it very well. Read Several times.
  2. Glossary of Scrum Terms and Professional Scrum Developer Glossary
  3. Udemy Course by Vladimir Raykov : — Do Practice Question multiple times unless and until pass several times. And review your incorrect answers. There is always a…

In today’s world, managing large amount of data is not easy. To manage these huge amount of heterogeneous data we need to chose the best approach to store them. It’s often better to store different types of data in different data stores, each focused toward a specific workload or usage pattern.

This leads us to decide from 2 approaches :-

Polyglot Persistence; storing data using multiple data storage technologies based on the need.

Multi-Model Support; a single database system supports several models

The below mind-map and their Use Case will help you to take decision on which storage model best suits your requirement.

Reference :

It’s been a while that I have ventured on this new journey, from being a Project Manager to wanting to become a Product Manager.

Why in the first place did I even get this thought of moving to Product Management ? Am I not happy being a Project Manager ? Oh NO, I am ! Then why ?

Life should be an adventure and it begins at the end of your comfort zone — Neale Donald Walsch

I have been an individual with a reasoning mindset (I believe it so) . May it be at work or cooking or painting…


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