How did I get myself PSM Certified — Scored 95% with in 5 days of religious studying. (approx. 30 hours) Honestly, it was easy.

I was really confused with so many certifications available these days for Scrum. Finally, with some research and views of others available online I decided to go for certification over ScrumAlliance.

Finally, I am PSM certified and scored 95% with just 5 days of preparation.

Let me directly start with the intent of this article; How did I prepare for it.

  1. Glossary of Scrum Terms and Professional Scrum Developer Glossary
  2. Udemy Course by Vladimir Raykov : — Do Practice Question multiple times unless and until pass several times. And review your incorrect answers. There is always a trick in question — notice MUST, SHOULD, MAY. Also note : Scrum Events are not proportionate to the Sprint Durations. (Read carefully Scrum Guide what it says)
  3. Assessments for PSM and PSPO — yes also do PSPO. There are some questions I noticed came from PSPO Self Assessment
  4. Practice test : — I did 4-5 times until I scored passing score several times.
    After I finished my exam I found this link, which had most questions I got in exam. — This has 14 questions.
  5. If you fall under Reader category — have their own Scrum Master Learning Path

Exam experience :

There are quiet few scenario questions in exam(which will confuse you), which none of these Practice questions cover. But these online assessments/practice questions will help you answer those scenario questions.

Hence, while you give these practice tests make sure you understand each and every question thoroughly. Analyzing the incorrect answers will help to understand the gap in understanding the topic thoroughly.

Be mindful of time during the Exam, time flies and questions are lengthy so you might have to read them 2–3 times to understand it better.

Hope this is helpful. Wish you luck!!!

Keep in Mind “The Scrum framework exists to deliver value to stakeholders sooner

Please feel free to reach out to me or post your questions. Would be happy to help.